[THIN] Re: SAP - Java issue no XenApp

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  • Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 12:22:30 +0100

Hi Andrew,


Sorry XenApp5, in middle of XenApp 6 testing on 2008 but that's another
days work.


I have proved that if I log on and run IE It works fine.


If I log out and back in it stops working. 


So I left roaming profile on server and when I log back in it is still
working so it's something from the Application Data\Local Settings
folder that gets deleted. 


I can see that when I launch IE that lots of activity on this folder
from Process Explorer.


Just going to try and replace the default profile with a user profile
that has had IE ran in it and see of that helps





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XenApp 6 on 2003?! 2008R2 surely? Which version of IE?


If you use roaming profiles, then the profile component comes back when
the user logs back on yes?


Might it be some HKCU/HKLM issue? 


Does this happen for admins?



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SAP 7.20 on XenApp 6 server 2003 


There is a custom component written in Java that SAP calls.




When the transaction is called it does not call the Java component.


If I run IE first then the custom component is called fine.


All I can figure is that IE populates some Reg key of part of the
profile that gets nuked on log out as we use roaming profiles.


I have been running process monitor and explorer for a few days and just
going round in circles.


Seems to be fine on workstations but as the local setting in the profile
stays after logout this makes sence.


Any thoughts ?







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