[THIN] Re: Ron Oglesby - New VMWare Book?

  • From: "Michel Roth" <mrdizzz@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 11:04:29 +0200


He is. Together with Scott Herold.

While I can't give away too much information yet, I want to let everyone
know that there will be a new update by the end of the week about our VI3
book.  Ron and I are finishing the final math around financing, etc and will
have our final direction decided by the end of the week.  Expect some REALLY
cool surprises if everything that we are looking to do can be properly
"secured".  Also look for a sample chapter available on the site shortly
after VMworld.  Those attending have a chance to secure a hard copy at the


Michel Roth.

On 9/5/06, Steve Rae <steverae@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Does anyone know when and if Ron Oglesby will be coming out with a new
VMWare ESX - 3 book?
Is anyone writing one?
Thanks, Stephen Rae

> I would just use 2003, not R2. There is no benefit to R2 on a terminal
server, as they did not add any TS features. I haven't tried R2 yet, so I
don't know if it adds a lot of unneeded complexity or any other good reasons
to definately not do it, but there are no good reasons to do it either.

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I'm about to deploy new servers into our Citrix PS4 farm. Should I use R2
or just standard Windows 2003? If so then why?


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