[THIN] Re: Registry Key to deny internet access

  • From: Jeremy Saunders <jeremy.saunders@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 19:11:56 +0800

Hi David,

You need to setup a proxy.pac file and leave IE set to "Automatic Detect
Settings". You also lock down the Connections tab so that no one has access
to it. The proxy.pac can control exactly what you want. It's the perfect
control mechanism. When someone tries to access the Internet, it can send
them to a "bogus" proxy server that is actually an IIS web site that will
display a page saying that "This workstation cannot access the Internet",
although you can still access all Intranet sites. I've just implemented
this for a client and am most of the way through writing a whitepaper on
this, as there is little information out there on how to do it correctly.
Can you wait a couple more days and I'll send it to you?


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Andrew Wood escribió:
> You could either disable access to iexplore; or set the proxy to a value
> that doesn't exist - then disallow the user from changing the value.

Yes, I did it.
But, some applications (our intranet) use Iexplore.exe....so the NTFS
permissions is not the best solution.
I would like to find this registry key and set the 'false' value in it....
I have found this key:
and the value:
Defaultconnectionsettings: Type Reg_binary

but I don't what is the value to change. If it's possible,of course.

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