[THIN] Re: Registry Key to deny internet access

  • From: "Jeff Pitsch" <jepitsch@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 09:57:19 -0400

Actually Jeremy, merge mode allows the GPO from the Users OU to be applied
first then then User setting GPO's from the OU where the Loopback processing
is enabled are applied.  Replace mode says ignore the Users OU GPO and only
apply those GPO's that are at the Loopback processing OU and below.
Hopefully that makes some sense.

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On 9/21/06, Jeremy Saunders <jeremy.saunders@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

No, no. Just place it in Merge mode when you enable the loopback processing. It applies all you settings from the first GPO and then overwrite the proxy settings from the second one.

Andrew, I have always done it this way and it works like a charm. For
applied to Servers, for every group policy that contains User settings,
need to enable loopback processing. If your way works, then that's news to


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Jeremy Saunders escribió: > Sure David. You can create multiple group policies (with loopback > processing enabled) and give them higher priority than your default > settings. Then just apply these policies to different user group and place > the users in these groups. This way different sets of users can have > different proxy settings. > > Ok, but this 'new group policy' will take effect only for the specified group?

In my current gpo there are a lot of features, Have I to copy to the new
or the new one will apply only those settings 'e.g: proxy setting' and
the rest of features blocked will be applied
by my current gpo.

I'm a little puzzle with this issue....

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