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I'm having the exact same error/problem.  I have the redirect set to use the
UNC path, but I still get those same errors.  Did you end up finding
anything Bill?


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Is it possible that the I: drive isn't getting mapped prior to the group
policy applying thus causing I: to be an invalid drive and the mapping
not to work?  Try re-directing "My Documents" to the UNC path instead of
a mapped drive letter.  That's the way I do it and it seems to work

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Single domain 

W2K3 Terminal Server in a W2K domain. 

Terminal server in an OU called terminal server

TS OU has its own GP and loopback processing enabled.

Folder Redirection is enabled for the My Documents folder to point to
their home folder. In this case, I:

Default domain policy is set to "Redirect to the following
location"....said location is the UNC of the user's home folder.

When a user logs into the TS, their My Documents folder is pointing to
C:\documents and Settings...etc. GPResult shows the TS GP being
applied. Any ideas why the redirect isn't working?
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