[THIN] Re: Rebooting Win2k Terminal servers

  • From: "Braebaum, Neil" <Neil.Braebaum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 14:39:28 +0100

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> Subject: [THIN] Re: Rebooting Win2k Terminal servers
> Neil,
> The whole speal on Microsoft was just that.  Once again, 
> context of the conversation is everyting.  I am neither pro 
> Microsoft or anti Microsoft.

You only criticised Microsoft's OSs, not the (presumably) other countless
OSs you've used.

Not that it matters to me, per se - I don't have any brand loyalty.

As I said, I just find Microsoft derision as tedious as any other mindless

> I use their products because 
> they are the best solution for my customer base.  We were 
> simply talking and expressing opinions.

As was I.

If it's OK for you to express your opinion, it follows it's OK for me. See
how that works?

> I didn't know that 
> this was a closed community in which when you expressed a 
> certain opinion members of this community would get upset.  

I'm not upset in the slightest.

I merely find sustained anti-VendorX stuff somewhat tedious, and sometimes
feel the balance needs redressing.

> Neil, I was simply making the point that MS could do a better 
> job a coding...

As could countless others, both now, and in the past.

> They are in fact king of the hill and should 
> expect criticism.

Ah... so their success means they are fair game.

Criticism is one thing - were it counts - yours' was merely general

I am not particularly pro-Microsoft. I'm just not anti-Microsoft.

As I said previously, polarisation is tedious regardless of the vendor.


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