[THIN] Re: Reboot active app server

  • From: "Joe Shonk" <joe.shonk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 10:03:15 -0700

Well, there are two things.   How users find the farm to enumerate
applications and how users connect to applications.   If you disable logons
to the server, you are effectively telling the Farm that this server is not
available so do not send any new connection.  You do not need to take the
serve out of the published applications (which is a pain if done by hand and
you have a lot of Published Apps).


As far as how users find and enumerate applications,  that depends on your
architecture.  Is ica.domain.local a virtual IP that is load balanced? Do
you have multiple servers specified in ICA client connections?


I have an active reboot script written in vbscript.  It essentially waits
until all connects are terminated/disconnected, performs weeks maintenance
tasks, and reboots.  The key to any active reboot scripts is you HAVE to set
a session time limit.  Not just idle and disconnect.





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Subject: [THIN] Re: Reboot active app server


I believe if you disable ICA on the server you want to reboot, your
published apps are still going to look at that server when someone tries to
run the published app.


I'd take the server out of the published app list in the CMC....wait for
everyone to be done, and then reboot.

Also:  If you've got users connecting directly to the servers over an ICA
session, you can disable logins to that server via the CMC as well.


I think this way would better prevent users from getting error messages and
making phone calls...



From: Evan Mann [mailto:emann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [THIN] Reboot active app server

I need to reboot an active app server in my farm.  It has active sessions.
I don't need to do it immediately but want to do it soon.  Is the best
method to do this simply to disable ICA protocol so no further sessions can
connect and wait until users finish their active sessions?


I have app 2 servers in the farm where all apps are published, will
disabling ICA on one cause them to get any type of error when they try to
connect or will they simply hit the other server until I re-enable ICA

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