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  • Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:20:45 -0500

Application streaming to the desktop is just virtualization of file and
registry locations.  All local file extension mappings will still
remain.  Therefore PDF and URL links would point to the same place on
the local device.


Same goes for Isolation Environments on the PS.


-Wes Dobry 

(321) 843-5590


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ni the middle of a new farm build and I am looking into some streaming
with PS 4.5. I have heard conflicting things on this so I hope some of
you who have had your hands on this can share your thoughts.


If I stream Outlook, what happens when someone tries to open an
attachment like a PDF?  If the reader installed locally (not streamed)
does it use that copy and open the PDF or does the acrobat reader need
to be part of the streamed app as well? 


What about a hyperlink?  does iexplore have to be part of the streamed
app package or is it smart enought to know explorer is installed
elsewhere and can use it?


I am building some vm's to test all of this, i am just curious what soem
of you who have been down this road have seen.







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