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You have to have an ftp site setup with the new files saved there.  then put 
that site in the wyse terminal config.  when it is powered up it will go out to 
that site and look for newer updates and download them if they exist.  if you 
need more specifics, email me direct and we can go over it.  we just deployed a 
few hundred of these so i have become rather familiar with them.Thanks,Michael 

Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 15:26:09 +0200From: mrdizzz@xxxxxxxxxxx: 
thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: [THIN] Re: Quick QuestionPersonally I think the guy 
who did the wyse "knowlegde base" should be in prison ';-)
On 7/22/06, M < mathras@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Any good ?


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I have a couple of Wyse WT1200LEs that have real old bios,
can someone please point me to the instructions to flash these?
Thank You 
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