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The easiest way around this is to set a scheduling load evaluator. That lets
you essentially take a server offline, user-login wise, before and after the
reboot process.



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We have a MetaFrameXP farm of about 65 production servers supporting about
1800 users.  We have a problem when we reboot the servers (for maint or
after an unexpected reboot) as the server comes up it gets pounded with
logons and just grinds to a halt until its load comes up to par with the
other servers.  The process takes about 30 minutes to stabilize and causes
our user base to become extremely frustrated as the people who are lucky
enough to hit that box experience extremely long logon times and very poor
performance.  This is a 24x7 shop - so we do have the luxury of waiting
until the use load is low.

Any ideas on how to throttle the load balancing in this type environment?

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