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I would think internal and external networks would be one excellent reason. 

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What's the purpose of have 2 ip address assigned to one server?


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Hi all

I've got a server with two NIC's, 1 card configured with IP address of and the other with  When I type the qserver
command, it resolves to the and I want it to resolve to =
other address. =20

Reading the MF Admin Guide, it says: "On a server with 2 NIC's, the =
command only enumerates servers on 1 card's  subnet at a time.  To =
the servers on the other card's subnet, specify the address of any =
server on
the subnet with the /tcpserver:x parameter."  I do this and specify the address, but when I type qserver again it still shows  Any ideas how I can get qserver to show the correct =
I've unplugged the NIC leads from the card and I've tried
stopping and starting the ICA Browser service, but no difference.


Phil Hillary
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London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
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