[THIN] Published app "disappearing" after launching it

  • From: "Landin, Mark" <Mark.Landin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 10:19:40 -0500

We run a number of published applications from our MPS 3.0 / Windows
2003 farm (consisting of 2 servers).

Users are experiencing a problem with published Microsoft Great Plains
... After they launch the application and log in, the window just
"disappears". This only happens when they are running from one of the
two servers .. The other server does not exhibit this behavior.

As a test, we logged into the desktop on the affected server and
launched the application from the desktop. What actually happened was
that after logging in, the application minimized itself to the taskbar!
We had to right-click on the minimized apps and select "Maximize" before
we could get the application to appear in a usable state on the desktop.

Clearly, when published, the application was still auto-minimizing
itself, but not notifying the ICA client (Program Neighborhood version
9.00.32649) that is was minimized, so the user wasn't getting the
application on their own local taskbar .. To them, it just went away.

Once we realized this was happening, we again logged into the desktop on
the affected server, launched the application, maximized it, then exited
the app. We then had another user launch the published application, and
it behaved and appeared normally instead of doing it's minimizing trick.
Problem solved?

Not so fast, my friend. SOME users on that server are reporting that the
application is still "disappearing" (auto-minimizing) on them, but other
users are reporting no problems.

If anyone can give any insight or advice on this, I'd love to hear it!
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