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I saw a demo of that product and I had to say wow! That looks like a
very impressive product. I hope Microsoft copies this in the future...


Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA Server+

Senior Network Administrator

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Or if you are lazy...get your hands on the new Appsense Environment
Manager.... ; )


I had a demo of this last monday at our NEOCUG meeting and I have to
tell you it is the bomb!

You can take out, edit or change almost any part of the desktop or
application via a policy just by clicking on and editing the item.  


Rick Mack > wrote:

        Hi Matthew,
        Project 2003 works fine alongside Office XP as does Visio 2003. 
        Use a transform created using the Office 2003 Custom install
wizard to
        make sure that you don't install all the office add-ons. That
way you
        don't clobber any Office XP components.
        Also make sure you use the re-released adm file mentioned in
        It's still pretty primitive and in your cae is missing the bit
        require which is a reference to DisabledCmdBarItemsCheckBoxes
        DisabledCmdBarItemsList. Values under these keys can be used to
        disable any menu bar options.
        You've got 2 possible strategies.
        You may get away with just copying the appropriate section of
        Word11.adm and removing the bits you don't want. Use the command
        controls browser
        (http://www.siam-consulting.com/download/CmdBarBrowser.exe) to
        sure the appr opriate ids are the same.
        Of course one quite possible scenario is that disabling
        items isn't supported in Project 2003.
        Then you'll need to do a DLL hack using reshacker.
        All the menus, buttons, dialogs etc for Project 2003 are all
        in a single DLL, but you've got to find out which one.
        The strategy for doing that is fairly simple.
        Identify the string you want in the menu you want to modify.
        using the first part of the string because any highlighted
        have a different string structure.
        So for Project we'll be looking for "Detect and" because the R
        repair is highlighted.
        - Get listdlls.exe and strings.exe from www.sysinternals.com.
        - Get reshacker (I think Jim has it on thethin.net downloads)
        - Run up project 2003
        Now run listdlls against project. If you do it with the "for"
        it'll save you some editting to extract the dll names) eg
        for /f "tokens=1,2 delims =:" %i in ('listdlls -r winproj,exe')
        @echo c:%j >> projdlls.txt
        for /f "delims=!" %i in (projdlls.txt) do @echo %i >>
        & strings "%i" | find "Detect and" >> projstrings.txt
        Have a look at projstrings.txt and you'll have to relevant DLL
to use
        reshacker against.
        Basically what you do with reshacker is open the relevant DLL,
        for the text string you're after, and when you find the
        menu or dialog section, you can delete the line containing the
        and Repair option, recompile the script and save the DLL. Drop
        modified DLL on to your servers and the detect and repair option
        The only other possible problem is if detect and repair is in a
        DLL. Can't help you at the moment because I haven't got time to
        But if that's the case, email me and I'l show you how to bundle
        modified DLL into a hotfix.
        On 5/14/05, Matthew Shrewsbury wrote:
        > I have Office XP but I now need to install Project 2003 along
side Office
        > XP. 
        > 1) Does anyone have ADM files to remove detect and repair? 
        > 2) Anyone tried running Office XP and Project 2003 on the same
        > Thanks for any input,
        > Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA Server+
        > Senior Network Administrator
        Ulrich Mack
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