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  • Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 22:03:22 +0800

It absolutely does. I found out the hard way after blue screening a
customers production server. Sent the dump off to Microsoft and they came
back with regsys.sys as being one of the causes. So after some research,
and consulting the very knowledgable Rick Mack, I learnt a very valuable

Rick said that "...regmon is quite capable of bluescreening a server if
you're using it on a production system (users logged on) with no filtering
to restrict the amount of info it's getting. If you limit input by
specifying a particular executable, or better yet a particular PID, it's
generally safe to run it. However if you want to monitor things globally,
don't do it on a production server with lots of users logged on."

I hope Rick doesn't mind me quoting him, but I can't explain it as well as
he does.


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I thought regmon was freeware. It's never caused an issue for me so maybe
we are talking about different regmons.
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      Thanks that was could be a big help.  I will try it next time it

      As an asside, has anyone out there had regmon blow up thier servers.
      Twice now I have used it and it has crashed our w2k3 servers.

      We are thinking about buying it but know I am thinking it won't work
      for us.

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      Use proces explorer and search for the handle.

      On 5/11/06, Stratton, Doug ISMC:EX <Doug.M.Stratton@xxxxxxxxx >
        Can someone point me to an post/article that gives some
        instructions on how to identify what is holding open a profile?

        We have UPHclean but it is not catching these ones.  No processess
        running under user id. Can't delete profile out of memory and thus
        profile on server (docs and settings) sitting there.

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