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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 18:20:20 -0400

If I understand you correctly they are trying to use the same profile
for both fat and thin clients. There are many reasons for not doing this
including the fact you might want to have very different profiles on fat
and thin clients (should have very different profiles if you have a well
designed ts/citrix environment). Also for security...say you get a virus
on your fat client that is located in the profile. As soon as you log
into the thin environment that profile is loaded and now your Citrix
server has the virus too. 


Matthew Shrewsbury


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I'll say this:  I've had no issues w/ roaming profiles in Citrix.  I'm
running Metaframe XP FR1 (soon to be FR3) on Win2K Servers and haven't
had any issues.  At first I had alot of issues, but after some research
I found two MS Hotfixes that tend to break roaming profiles.  They're
#'s 328310 and 329170.  With a little tweaking it can be pretty sweet.


Now, If I mis-read your question and they're going to stick w/ NT4
desktops and want to use the same roaming profile between the NT4
desktop and the Win2k Citrix servers....then I haven't heard of anyone
doing that.  Seems like there would be some obvious conflicts.


Hope this helps.

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        From: Greg Watts [mailto:greg.watts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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        I have a customer who is still on MF 1.8 on NT 4 TSE and he is
using the same roaming profile for both his NT 4 desktops and his
Published Desktop via Citrix. They are now migrating to Windows 2000 ,
Metaframe XP FR3 and AD and they are planning to do the same thing in
this environment. I did not recommend them even attempting this for
obvious reasons. I was wondoring if any one is doing this and what your
experiences was were.. I was wondoring if I should just come out and
tell him that this is probably going to be a big challenge for him.
Microsoft best practices states that a TS specific profile is
recommended but not disallowed. Can anyone point me to some
documentation other than Microsoft that states this as a "Best




        Greg Watts 

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