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LOL Brian, knows all about Tscale (he even wrote a paper for them so I
hope so.... http://www.rtosoft.com/pages/whitepaper_ts_fbm.asp
<http://www.rtosoft.com/pages/whitepaper_ts_fbm.asp>  )
I tend to agree, Tscale will help him but he needs to find the source of
the problem first in this situation and he did say that he does not want
to use any clamping software at this time.  
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Hi Bernd,
We have been testing TScale on three of our MetaFrame farm servers (NT 4
TSE/MF 1.8) in an effort to optimize performance on some non-TS
aware/TS-friendly apps.  And TScale has been doing the job.
For the user experiencing the issue with the rogue applications; you may
want to evaluate the TScale product.
Best regards,
Ed Cooper, CCA, MCSE
LAN Administrator
McCain Foods Limited
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One of your friends needs to consider TScale 3.0. Application Shaping
will reduce the priority of those rogue applications. If there are too
many of them to name them each individually, you can create an *.* rule
that catches any application that goes above X% CPU for N seconds.
Bernd Harzog
RTO Software, Inc.
678-455-5506 x701
www.rtosoft.com <http://www.rtosoft.com/> 
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Hello All,
One of my friends has a MetaFrame server where "random" processes
consume 100% of the CPU utilization. When this happens, the system (of
course) becomes very unresponsive. You can right-click and kill it via
task manager, and everything is fine.
The weird thing is (and what's throwing me for a loop) is that one day
it's ntvdm.exe, the next day it's outlook.exe, etc.. different apps,
different users, different sessions, same server, same problem, same
MetaFrame XP, W2k, Office 2k.
I don't want to use any kind of clamping software because I'd like find
the real cause.
Any ideas? This guy has three servers, and it only happens on one of
them. I'm keen to call it a "hardware" problem. :-)
Brian Madden
brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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