[THIN] Problems with error message about "Fonts Missing"

  • From: "Chris Lynch" <lynch00@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 08:20:12 -0800

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We have a client that is having a problem when a user logs in, they go =
to run Med Informatics (the application installed), they get the =
following message:
"No Fonts Available"
When the user opens the Fonts folder, all of the Fonts are there and =
available.  When another user logs in, they don't get that message.  =
Also, the admin doesn't get the message as well.  He went as far as =
deleting a user account and every profile he could find on all of there =
servers, then re-creating it, and that didn't help.

He is added a test user that has the problem to the Domain Admins =
account to rule out permissions, and that account got the same error =
message. =20

He is running Windows 2000 SP2 and MF XPa (I don't know the exact FR/SP =
release, but I'm going to find that out).  We are going to try to run =
FILEMON and REGMON to see what is going on.

Any idea's as to why this is happening?  Any suggestions?

Chris Lynch, MCSE CCNA CCA
Network Engineer
Axcent Solutions
(949) 338-1904=20

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