[THIN] Re: Problem with WI 2.1

  • From: "Joe Shonk" <joe.shonk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 07:41:55 -0700

Is it set in the C:\program files\citrix\ica client\.....  or under the
user's profile\Application Data\Ica Client?

It has to be set under each users profile. The one in the program files dir
is just a template.

Also, is the ssonsvr.exe running on the workstation?


On 9/22/06, Michael Boggan <mboggan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That's the first thing we checked.  It is set.

Michael Boggan

From: Malcolm.BRUTON@xxxxxxxx
To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [THIN] Re: Problem with WI 2.1
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 08:02:38 +0100

You need this configured in the Appsrv.ini file of the client to fix


On this front is any one else still annoyed that Citrix use INI files for
clients.  When are they going to give you a machine setting option that is
configured by the registry?


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We are running an MF XP FR3/SP4 farm.  We currently have in production
NFuse 1.8 up and running.  We have been building and testing a Web
Interface 2.1 site to put up but we  are having a problem.

If you go to the site and use the login, then run an application, they get
in without having to login again.  It pulls the credentials they used to
login to the WI site with.

If we turn on the Single Sign / Pass Thru where it should pull there
workstation credentials when they go to the WI site and give them there
apps, they get in and get there apps, but when they run an app, it prompts
them to login again.

Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks, Michael Boggan XO Communications

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