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  • Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 07:43:16 -0400

I agree with you totally.  It is our T&E web application.  They are logging
on to our portal and the programmer is passing their credentials to the
application so that they do not have to log on again.  He was unable to get
the credentials to pass through both Novell and Metaframe so their decision
was to have all users log on with the same name since the portal logon was
sufficient security for them.  I brought up all the issues but fell to (as
usual) deaf ears.  Now I am having nothing but issues supporting this
server.  The issue before with them having to log on twice is Novell and
Metaframe (NT 4.0) do not sync passwords and the support desk was going
crazy trying to get the users to understand the process necessary to log on
successfully.  This is a semi-test environment right now but they will be
adding 1000+ users as soon as we get all bugs ironed out.

The second issue is that these are 95% traveling users and are using all
sorts of printers.  Most of these printers are problematic for Metaframe as
they are newer home type printers.  Also since they are travelers their
printers change constantly.

Since I cannot get upper management to change their decision about all
users with the same name I was hoping that one of the printing solutions
would at least eliminate some of the phone calls by recognizing the user's
printers better.

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