[THIN] Re: Printing Problems POST FR2

  • From: Bruce Jarrett-Norton <bjarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 13:11:24 -0400

I tried looking at that article and did not see anything that would help me.
My spooler is not stopping and I am not getting any events registered.

Also, I installed the latest hotfixes as of this past Sunday.

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        Try and look at article Q328020
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From: Bruce Jarrett-Norton [mailto:bjarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [THIN] Printing Problems POST FR2

We are running Windows 2000 Servers and  e updated our MetaFrame XP farm to
FR2 this weekend. At the same time due to other requirements we had to
upgrade to IE 6 SP1. We are running seamless apps. Now the problem: When a
user logs in they are not getting their Local default printer.

Some testing that I have done is as follows:
1. With only IE open I change the default printer and close IE and this
keeps that default printer. 2. If I open Excel it has the default printer
that I set in my IE session. 3. If I then change the default printer locally
it is not my default printer but the default printer that I set in IE. 4. If
I change the default printer through a Cirtix desktop on the same server
that I have Excel running Excel's default printer changes right then, I do
not have to close and reopen Excel. 5. If I go to another server with Citrix
desktop and change the printer there it does not change in Excel.  However,
if I close Excel then the desktop session in that order, next time I open
Excel it has got the new default printer which is not my local default. 6. I
see that every one has a registry key of HKEY_USERS\(user sid)\PRINTERS
DeviceOld =   and it is this key that is changing to the default printers
for the user based on their last printer for a server not local client.

Thank you,
Bruce Jarrett-Norton

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