[THIN] Printer Aliases

  • From: "Linda L. Cygan" <lcygan@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 14:57:44 -0600

Installation:  W2K TS Server, Metaframe XP 1.0 Feature Release 2, 15 =

Problem:  The only way to print a specific copy of a form from our MRP
application is to send that copy of the form to a specific printer whose
defaults are set to print from the drawer loaded with the pre-printed =
(No other way to do this.  Customer copy of invoices  must be printed on =
special pre-printed form.)   In the past I have not had a problem =
all of the users on the TS were in the same building so just installing
another instance of the printer, naming it "Invoices", choosing the =
I needed, everything worked. =20

New situation: We currently are connecting to the TS from Capio and Wyse
thin clients from only one building.  Instead of purchasing new PC's for
some of our users in other buildings we are going to turn their PII's =
thin clients since we already have a WXP license for them.  Now these =
will also need to have a printer called "invoices", but it is located in =
different building then the one currently installed as "Invoices" on the
server.  I can't use a environment variable in this application. What I =
is to do remove the current printer called Invoices and  set up printers
Invoices1, Invoices2 and Invoices3 but when the individual user logs in,
alias that printer to Invoices.  I know I can let the ICA client =
the printers and then I have been able to change its name to Invoices as
long as there isn't already a printer called Invoices on the server and =
seems to work for multiple users but what do I do with the thin clients.
The printers are all networked printers so I can't install them locally =
the thin client=20

I thought I would be able to use the new printer management of Metaframe =
but it only allows me to connect or disconnect printers, not rename.

We don't have any budget money to purchase any other software to make =
work.  Thanks for any help.

Linda Cygan                            =20
Manager of System Administration
Western Printing Machinery Company      EMail: lcygan@xxxxxxx
9229 Ivanhoe Street                     Phone: (847) 678-1741 Ext.8620
Schiller Park, Il 60176                 Fax  : (847) 678-6176

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