[THIN] Re: Presentation Server 4.5 Release Date

  • From: "Douglas A. Brown" <dbrown@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 03:29:16 -0500

guys, check this out:  


Rumor - Citrix Eyes Acquisition of Aurema

The word on the street is that Citrix is about to announce the
acquisition of CPU tuning expects, Aurema.     Citrix and Aurema have a
relationship dating back to 2004 when Citrix licensed Aurema's workload
management technology. 


The interesting part of this story is that Aurema is said to be going
under as it has been rumored they lost their biggest customer, IBM,
recently.  This being said and because of the fact that Citrix licensed
Aurema's technology vs. owning it outright, Citrix needs to find a way
to secure the code or find another solution and fast.    I've also heard
the Aurema employees are out beating the streets for employment.  All
this makes me believe this rumor is true and Citrix will basically pick
up Aurema for next to nothing.  




and it goes on....  this is a really interesting story.  I can't wait to
see what happens...  I could be wrong... that is for sure..  so what do
you think?




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