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Here is the first review I saw, not real encouraging.

Bought this because I wanted to use a webcam remotely. Box says it supports
"video devices" so I gave it a try. First, under Windows 7 64-bit at least,
it crashes applications that try to use the webcam. Second, it only looks
like a USB 1.1 hub so applications complain about that wanting you to hook
up the webcam to a USB 2.0 port. Third, it does not work at all with a
webcam. I was willing to put up with low frame rates but it does not work at

Does not come with Windows 7 software (XP and Vista only). No new drivers or
firmware on the company website.

I have not tried a printer or USB hard drive, may work for those but I
suspect it will be slow.

Good idea but doesn't seem to work.

My client will not do well with something that has 'issues'.


So am I to guess the thin client will not work?

I have set up many, but only as remote user entry devices.




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Would one of those little USB ethernet hubs work?




I think they make serial ones that do the same thing.


On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 3:09 PM, Doug Rooney <drooney57@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Greetings all

I have a client that has a small closet with his MOPE, Internet and phone
equipment in it.

He has a Panasonic hybrid system, to program the unit it needs USB or serial

He is getting tired of having to bring a laptop in the closet and program
it, he has Wyse

SX0 Winterm S10 unit and wanted to know if it could be connected to the
phone system 

and the network and if he could remote into it, I told him it was a unit to
remote into a

server and not sure it would work as he wanted.

Anyone have any idea?







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