[THIN] Re: Pn Agent Application Enumeration

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 15:59:47 -0600

Can the users term serv on to the box?  I had a problem with this when
we where trying to lock down our boxes.  I don't know if my memory is
exact, but it has something to do with who has rights to connect via XML
to the MetaFrame box.  You didn't happen to remove Log On Local rights
for the Users group, did you?  On the XML server/s list, users, by
default, need log on local.  Removed it and they can't enumerate apps -
they just get a white screen.



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I am having a problem with PN Agent enumerating the applications. It
works fine for if I am a local admin on the server. I am running mps 3
on a w2k3 server. User Right Asignment? I have run regmon and filemon
and it's not helping. Have applied the basic security template and still
get this error. I have no problem connecting to the ICA session. When I
am a regular user I get the "metaframe server have reported unspecified
error". Help!!!!

Greg Watts

410.274.3076 (cell)

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