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Hi George,

We looked at the EVO T20 (basically simailar unit) and we decided to mount
them underneath the desks.  The T20 base seems to pretty solid.  We are
going to mount them to the back of the desks and run cables up through a
hole.  As for floppies, we are going to leave a few pc's out there running
only ICA.  If a patron needs a floppy, s/he will ahve to use one of the


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Hi all,

We're migrating from PC's to Wyse thin-clients (ya, I know Jim...) with
USB floppy drives attached in our public libraries.  Many of these are
unmonitored and away from reference and circulation staff.  Of course,
being a PUBLIC library, means that we get some shady characters (and
light fingered - can't even keep DVD's out on the floor anymore) in
there.  So, has anybody had luck making these theft proof or at least
enough of a deterrent that they won't try?  I'm worried about the
thin-client and the USB floppy most (only had 1 incedence of mouse-ball
Thanks!  -George

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