[THIN] Re: Passthru Authentication - still prompting

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 16:07:30 -0700

Hmm. Not sure why you are creating custom .ica files.  Simply install the PN
Agent Pass-through client (from the MFPS 3.0 install) and use that instead.
If you insist on using .ica and want Single Sign on, you will need to add an
entry that allow SSO via an ICA File.





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Subject: [THIN] Passthru Authentication - still prompting


Something is awry here that I could use help on from the experts.  This is
the first citrix box install - we normally only do TS2000/2003 installs.


I have a citrix PS3ent app server publishing 5-10 apps to another TS2003
server where users login to access the rest of the 10+ programs.  I created
the ICA packaged .ica ini file for the app and put that icon on a users TS
session desktop folder - but when they click on it - it prompts for login to
the citrix.  Am I missing an obvious here?  The farm has pass thru set and I
want the login credentials of the users domain credentials from the TS
session to pass to the citrix app server seamlessly.  


Here is some other oddities I could use some clarification on:


1) Using the same published app - the ica ini package opens the program fine
(from the TS2003 session) except for the login needed - it appears on the TS
desktop as a program running there.  Users will NEVER know the
difference...they can minimize it, it only has one top window menu bar etc.
But, I did notice screen graphics a bit draggy as they seem to gradually
appear rather than snap.


Does the ICA engine create that much overhead to drag the program pull down
graphics etc vs. using PN to enter?


2) If from the users TS session, I go into PN and run the app thru there -
it passes thru fine with no login (once you enter your own login info in
PN), but the published app screen goes full screen with no TS users desktop.
So, I changed the published app to 1024x768 instead of full screen, but now
it looks like a session inside the TS session rather than a program.
Program menus & graphics in this method snap like they should.


I am still trying to test this various ways looking for what I need - which
is icons I can put on the TS2003 Sessions of the users (deployed via the
existing login script where program shortcuts are given to the users), the
icon graphic will need to be able to be changed to match the program (this
may rule out the ICA engine ini file), seamless login to the app with no
secondary login prompts, no drag in graphics and the program cannot have any
extra screen menu bars and appear like the program is running in the TS


Any advise would be a great help.  Thanks.



Ron Jameson

Hamlin Technologies





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