[THIN] Re: Panic - Licensing issue

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  • Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 13:30:06 +0800

Great news...I have finally contributed to list instead of being a

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        OK seems like the problem was fixed by adding the specific
licensing server to the registry as suggested by Tom.. many thanks
        i wonder if it was somehow confused by the fact that there is a
Win2k TS licensing server in the same domain
        anyway i my heart rate is settling down again so im happy
        On 11/15/05, Nick Smith <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

                Or try going to your TS Configuration on the W2K3 TS,
and check that the licensing request is still in per user rarther than
per device mode. A while back I had this reset by an MS Patch.





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                If that doens't help, perhaps Brian can: The Ultimate
Guide to Windows 2003 Terminal Server Licensing (
http://www.brianmadden.com/content/content.asp?ID=154  )



                Michel Roth



                2005/11/15, Tom Flanagan <tflanagan@xxxxxxxxxxxx >: 

                Try checking the reg keys 


                in this article


                Make sure everything is pointing to your terminal
services licence server..maybe reinstall terminal services licenecing on
that server.  You may have past your 90 days grace period. 


                If you need instruction on how to install Terminal
services licencing on you domain go to:


                There is a white paper there not very big it will talk
you through the process.


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                        Subject: [THIN] Panic - Licensing issue

                        Hi all
                        not long ago (an hour or so) my 2003 Terminal
server running Citrix MF4 stop accepting new connections
                        The system event log reports
                        the Terminal server <TSSERVERNAME> has been
disconnected because its licence could not be renewed. The License
server was contacted to get a Windows server 2003 Terminal Services per
Device CAL token License for this client. 
                        I dont understand why this has happened, as we
have ample per user licences and the TS server reports that it has found
the TS licensing server, i never intended on using per device licenses.
and as i understood it the machine is meant to accept both anyway.. 
                        Please tell me this is somthing simple
                        thanks Nick


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