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Found one MS article that says W2k Max paged pool is 300,470 MB unless you
start with 3/GB switch (which I don't think I am?? if it is then the max is
Our PagedPoolSize registry key is set to ffffffff so I am assuming it is set
to the max? so I would think it 300MB?
I want this so I can set the RM red/yellow thresholds.  We are having
problems in this area and I want to be warned and run a script if it gets to
the thresholds.


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That's the only way to know.  But then it's an odd thing to want to know.
There is a counter for the ResidentPagedPool (the amount of paged pool
currently in real memory) that is available.


The size of the paged pool and PTE table space is calculated at boot time
(need debugger to find out that one too).  Paged pool should be <= 160MB.


Chances are what you really want to be doing is monitoring the number of
free PTE.  If you run out, you want more PTE (therefore less paged pool),
which is tunable if you read up on it.  See Brian Madden's site.  


Tim Mangan



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Stupid question.


Windows 2000 Server.


How can I tell how "big" my paged pool is?

I have not been able to find this out.


MS article says:


2GB of addressable memory (physical/virtual) allocated to the kernel of
which a "portion" is allocated to Paged Pool.


They say you can load the kernel debugger.  Which I don't want to do.


Sorry if the answer is obvious.




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