[THIN] Page file on separate partition?

  • From: Lennart Koschella <lk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 12:32:49 +0100


Someone told me that it's always better to put the page file on a terminal 
server on a different partition. While I understand that putting it on a 
separate *disk* should achieve some performance improvement (due to 
parallel disk access), I wonder why putting it on a separate partition of 
the same disk  has an advantage over the system partition. In this case, 
the read/write heads of the disk drives have a longer way to move between 
both partitions, so this could lead to a performance degradation instead of 
an improvement. Am I wrong here?

With kind regards,

Lennart Koschella
System Adminstrator
University Hospital Tuebingen/Germany

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