[THIN] Re: PS4 with Windows 2003 R2 or not?

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  • Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 16:05:14 +0800

No...it contains no other hotfixes. It is Windows 2003 SP1. The R2 features
are just that, a set of features you install off the 2nd CD and then enable
as needed. There is nothing about them that adds value to a Terminal Server
deployment as such, unless you wanted .NET 2.0, so just install the first
disk, which is Windows 2003 SP1...nothing more and nothing less.


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Not to mention that it is "hotfixed" out of the box.  It includes windows
2003 SP1 and I'm sure it will include a number of other hotfixes.

Our windows 2000 build has so many hotfixes it would be a blessing to get a
build with only a handful of OS patches.

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      R2 will not add extra Terminal Services functionality...
      But when you're building / deploying new servers why won't you use
      the latest software build?.
      Terminal Servers with Windows Server 2003 R2 works fine for our
      customers , and R2 has some licensing advantages when using in a
      Virtualization environment.
      You can buy one Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise License en use 4
      Virtual Machines with this one license!.

      With regards,
      Ruben Spruijt

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      Subject: [THIN] PS4 with Windows 2003 R2 or not?

      I'm about to deploy new servers into our Citrix PS4 farm. Should I
      use R2 or just standard Windows 2003? If so then why?

      Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA Server+
      Network Manager


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