[THIN] Re: PS4 + Altiris pointers pls

  • From: "BRUTON, Malcolm, GBM" <Malcolm.BRUTON@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 09:48:52 +0100

The alcient memory issue's is for much earlier versions than what you are
running.  (6.1 sp1 Hotfix C or earlier)
Altiris have released 6.5 SP1 but it is not available off their web site
In saying that I Just checked and it is now....

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Hello there,
Running HP RDP 2.2 + Hotfix 2 which really is Altiris DS 6.5 + Hotfix 2
Havent seen the aclient memory issue and have deployed approx 50 2003 SP1
servers with that version. 
Couple of other annoying Altiris bugs though.
What Hotfix was release last Friday. I havent seen one in ages.

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Subject: [THIN] Re: PS4 + Altiris pointers pls

Unless you have Altiris at 6.1 SP1 Hotfix D or higher when you use Windows
2003 (I think with Windows 2003 SP1 as well) the aclient pops up an aclient
memory error on each server each time a job goes to the box.  Makes a hands
of install impossible as you have to log onto each console and click OK
before each Altiris job runs on that server.  We just upgraded one of our 2
Alitris Servers to 6.1 SP2 Hotfix1 and this fixes it.  We nearly went to 6.5
but were advised by Distributor to stay away as there was a bug that was not
fixed.  However since then it has been fixed the 6.5 Service pack released
last Friday but a bit reluctant to be bleeding edge.


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What issues do you have with 2003 and SP1  Malcolm ?

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Subject: [THIN] Re: PS4 + Altiris pointers pls

I agree...Should only take a day or two to script it and then you have much
better flexibility.  Just did ours over a few days.  Biggest headache was
getter Altiris up to a version that doesn't cause aclient issues with 2003
and sp1

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Citrix really should be a post image install...  If you have Altiris,  why
bother with images when you can scripts the installs?


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We're going to be starting a new project that will involve creating and
deploying PS4 images (XPa) on servers (probably DL385's) via Altiris. Anyone
have any recommendations/experiences/gotchas/best practices etc etc that
they'd care to share with this kind of work? We're not talking about a
massive amount of servers (less than 15 at first) but keen to get it all
working slickly for the future. 

We're thinking of a modular approach with the images (i.e. 1 image with only
OS, one with OS&#43Citrix, one with OS&#43Citrix&#43apps) for flexibility



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