[THIN] Re: PS 4.0 uninstall causing boot up BSOD

  • From: "TSguy92 Lan" <tsguy92@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 09:09:00 -0700

Very interesting. That sure sounds like my symptoms, but I'm specifically
choosing to remove the full MFXP installation, not the client persay, and on
I'm pretty sure that passthru is enabled on my citrix client software.

But I'll run through another uninstall and see if this process blows away
the NetProviders key. If it does I should be able to get the key corrected
prior to rebooting.

Thanks much,


On 6/25/07, Tom Steczka <stecz@xxxxxx> wrote:

seen this before . Check


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I checked the gina already, because netware client uninstalls used to play
similar havok, but it looks unchanged.

The BSOD refers to RDP_FILE_SYSTEM, which is odd since if I load up under
safe mode this service isn't there.

Load up last known config and it won't have the BSOD anymore (IE - it can
be booted normally again after just one boot up to last known config) but
services are all outta whack.

I guess I just shouldn't uninstall lol . . kinda like how the old msam
wouldn't let you uninstall ;)



On 6/21/07, Anthony_Baldwin@xxxxxxxxx <Anthony_Baldwin@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
> Lan,
> What's the BSOD say?  While you're in safe mode check the gina setting
> in the registry.
> Tony
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> [THIN] PS 4.0 uninstall causing boot up BSOD
> Anyone else run into this at all?
> Our servers are Win2k3 SP1, PS 4.0 with R.03 applied. If I initiate an
> uninstall of Citrix, the uninstall will run through with no problems but on
> system restart the server will boot right up to blue screens.
> Safe mode will boot up, but I've been unable to track down the BSOD
> culprit from there. (almost all citrix services are not listed in the
> registry or services)
> My only work around has been to boot up to "last known good
> configuration" at which point Citrix is still 'uninstalled' from the file
> system but all citrix services show up in the services list. At this point I
> can manually wipe all of the calls to citrix services from the registry, and
> start a clean Citrix installation.
> I've had the problem with uninstalling Citrix prior to the update to
> R.03, and can easily reproduce it on new system installations (not
> working off of preset server images).
> More annoying than anything, as I don't need to do uninstalls much; but
> I'd love to know a quicker resolution to this if someone has one :).
> thanks,
> Lan

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