[THIN] Re: PDF Writing on TS2003

  • From: Matthew Harris <Harris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 18:02:23 -0700

Just thought I'd post some stuff that I've discovered lately...

I read from a posting on the Adobe forums that the Acrotray.exe needs to be 
running since that TSR is the thing that let's the PDF creation occur.  I 
think that the acrotray.exe process calls the acrobat distiller 
(acrodist.exe) process, which in turn creates the PDF.  From the Acrobat 
forums, it was said that if Adobe made the acrotray.exe into a service then 
things would work right.

As a proof of concept, I used the scheduling service within Windows 2003 to 
load the acrotray.exe process into the system context.  I used the 
following command to do this...

at hh:mm /interactive "c:\program files\adobe\acrobat 

...where hh:mm is the hour and time when you want the process to be 
started.  For me, I just set the hh:mm to be one minute from now, so the 
acrotray process would start immediately.  After watching the task manager 
to make sure the acrotray.exe process started  and was owned by the system, 
I then created a PDF.  Presto!  I didn't receive any errors or lockups, and 
I then received a prompt, within my session(!), that the PDF was created 

I was NOT logged in at the console and the above was all done through a 
terminal services session.  I was able to do this multiple times without 

Hope this helps.  I'm planning on rolling out Windows 2003 for my own users 
and this was a major stumbling block for myself as well.  I'm planning on 
writing this up on my website for others to check out...


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>I know this has been discussed before, again, again & again....but on a 
>new TS2003, of course the Acrobat 6 does not print pdf w/o errors (console 
>login as admin also does not work).  I am sick of this acrobat garbage - 
>they are the worst.  Anyway, when I search for pdf writers, there are tons 
>out there, but which ones work with most apps on TS?  Can anyone give me 
>good experiences with any of them.  I see products from pdf995, win2pdf, 
>pdfpro etc, etc.  We need to successfully print from any office app, visio etc.
>Ron Jameson

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