[THIN] Re: P2V CPS 4.0 R03 to ESX 3.0.x

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  • Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 20:12:24 -0000

Good question, I must be showing my age J.  Interested to know what
others do. I guess it's likely to be found in older servers and hence
why it rang bells with me when Evan asked.






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>My only concern would be whether you have remapped the drives - we have
had some issues when trying to convert PS servers with remapped drives.


Does anyone still re-map drives? I am curious because in the very old
days I did this a lot for various reasons but gave up on it a few
versions  of Winview/Winframe/Picasso/Metaframe/XP--FR/MF PS/PS/XenApp
ago.....  J




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