[THIN] Re: Outlook 2007 Instant Search - Windows Desktop Search

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  • Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 15:49:52 +0000

Just to add to the conversation, we've enabled Desktop Search on 3 Terminal 
Servers, as Outlook 2007 search is basically broken without it. On one, 40+ 
users at a time, no problem. On another, 8 users, no problems. On a  third, 10 
users, absolute disaster as it basically used up all CPU. 10 users =10 Indexing 
thread, each throttled to 10% by Threadmaster, = unusable TS.

In fairness, these users have never deleted anything and their mailboxes are up 
around 3-8GBs each or so, but we nearly lost them as a client - though that was 
our fault, they're very twitchy about slowness and complain every moment their 
broadband blinks, so we kinda ignored their slowness complaints for a while...

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Evan Mann
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Subject: [THIN] Re: Outlook 2007 Instant Search - Windows Desktop Search

Download link for Lookout 1.3.0 (was the last release);


In my searching, I just found the following article on getting Lookout to work 
in Outlook 2007


And looking into the November 2008 replies, the following updated method:


There's various other links, methods, patches, etc., but people seem to be 
pretty  gungho on keeping Lookout search working in Outlook 2007.  I think I'm 
going to uninstall WDS and go back to Lookout using these methods.

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Harry Singh
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Subject: [THIN] Re: Outlook 2007 Instant Search - Windows Desktop Search

Great Feedback Evan.

I actually used Copernic Desktop Search for outlook, but their recent upgrade 
has actually regressed some functionality and it's actually not even tolerable 
at this point.

where can i get lookout ? as i'm currently running outlook 2k3.

I've heard that one needs to be wary of the desktop search engines when it 
comes to outlook connecting to an Exchange box as it could possible lead to 
unnecessary overhead on the server side..

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 10:00 AM, Evan Mann 
<emann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:emann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

I was an avid user of Lookout Search under Outlook 2003, simply the best thing 
out there.  Small, lean, QUICK. When I upgraded to Office 2007 I was stuck in 
that Lookout doesn't work.  Since MS purchased Lookout Software, I figured the 
search capabilities of WDS combined with Outlook 2007 would be just as good.  
So I broke down and installed WDS and configured it to index nothing but 
Outlook (slows down my computer too much for file system indexing).

Verdict?  Not as good as Lookout.  Nowhere near as fast to pull up search 
results, WAY more intensive overhead on the system.  That being said, it's 
VASTLY superior to using the built in Outlook 2007 search without WDS.

I haven't looked into any other options.   I believe the MSN toolbar has 
integrated search capabilities that are supposed to work with Outlook, but I 
have always assumed it would be exactly the same as if you had WDS installed.  
Maybe not?    I'm disappointed that MS screwed the pooch on integrating Lookout 
search technology in the way they did.  They should have simply integrated 
Lookout into Outlook 2007 and not required WDS.

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Subject: [THIN] Outlook 2007 Instant Search - Windows Desktop Search

Hello List,

What solutions do you use for Outlook 2007 Instant Search? Have any of you 
tried installed WDS (Windows Desktop Search) ?

System is Citrix Presentation Server 4.5, Office 2007 sp1.

We are having a torrid time getting anything working - turns out our users like 
to search lots!



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