[THIN] Re: Oracle buys Sun

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I agree with you Steve.  Oracle is one of the biggest funders and
participants in the Xen open source project, and many others...   I have
a good friend that works there now, in the Oracle VM group, and he is
constantly telling me how much they love open-source... 


I think this is a very interesting buy.  However, I wish Microsoft would
have bought them and just shut them down.  I wish Gates would have spent
his money (billions) on just buying up all the competition...  lol...  A
billion here, 5 billion there...  I'm a PC.   LOL! 




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I seriously doubt Oracle will kill long standing OPEN SOURCE projects!!


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You can kiss MySQL goodbye too.  IBM might try to take over OpenOffice
if possible.

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Sorry here is the link to the press release

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This is so terrible in so many ways. I proclaim Java to be on its
deathbed. Openoffice will die a slow death also. My Sun severs are

Jim Kenzig
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