[THIN] Re: Oracle Version on Windows 2003

  • From: "Shackleford, Adam" <Adam.Shackleford@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 17:09:20 -0600

We had this same issue.  Our "workaround" was to go to the root oracle
folder (ORA92) and grant read, write and execute permissions for
authenticated users and apply them down all other folders.  I don't know
if that is creating any other problems, but all of our Oracle apps are
working just fine now.




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Has anybody else installed Oracle 9.2 on Windows 2003?   It restricts
access to Installdirectory\Oracle\Ora92 so that users do not have

Access.  This drove me nuts trying to figure this one out.  It was
causing a "Provider not found" error message when a user tried to access

Application using Oracle.  I was able to confirm this on a few different
installations.  Tried it on an old NT server and it worked fine though.
I'd be so

Screwed without Filemon.



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