[THIN] Re: Office 2007 Profiles

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 11:17:42 -0500

Thanks for the scripts!
I'll test them.

Hector Minero 


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Subject: [THIN] Re: Office 2007 Profiles

We've used this script to automatically set those initials for our users
for our office 2003 environment.  Not sure if that applies to 07 or not
but could be used to set blank if desired:




'script to set office initials in citrix


Set objSysInfo = CreateObject( "WinNTSystemInfo" )

strComputerName = objSysInfo.ComputerName


Set objSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo")


strUser = objSysInfo.UserName

Set objUser = GetObject("LDAP://" & strUser)


Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

objWord.UserName = objUser.givenName & " " & objUser.SN

objWord.UserInitials = Left(objUser.givenName, 1) & Left(objUser.SN, 1)



End If





Dan Dill 


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Subject: [THIN] Office 2007 Profiles



Hi all: 
What is the best way to copy Office 2007 settings to users? 
I don't believe there is a Profile Wizard for Office 2007, right? 

Also, is there a way to force Username Personalization when the user
first runs Word 2007? 
This is under Word Options -> Popular 
I used to be able to set it to "blank" in Office 2003, but that is not
working in Office 2007. 


Hector Minero 

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