[THIN] [Off Topic] VMware vs. XenServer -- advice please?

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This is a bit off topic, so please bear with me!

We're about to embark on a project to virtualise practically our entire server 

Two vendors have quoted - one recommending XenServer and the other VMware.

Both saying their solution is the best and ridiculing the other, so we are a 
little confused!

We have 100 users all running thin clients & logging on to published desktops.

We're swaying towards XenServer with an HP Lefthand SAN but I'd like a little 
advice from the list first please...

I've read the Tolly 
report<http://www.tolly.com/DocDetail.aspx?DocNumber=209103> on Citrix 
performance via XenServer, which is great, but what about the other servers?

We will also be running SQL 2008, Exchange 2010, as well as the usual file 
servers, DCs etc etc.

Is anyone running a similar setup to us on XenServer? How is it going? Any 
pitfalls? Any regrets?

Any issues with software compatibility?

For example, we also run BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Equisys Zetafax - 
both are supported in a VMware environment, but XenServer is patchy.  In theory 
it shouldn't matter, but there's always the chance that if we run into issues 
and log a support call, they'll just turn around and blame XenServer.


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