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If you're interested in HD video playback. I like the new HP Mini 210 because 
you can get it with an HD screen as an upgrade, 1366x768.  And they offer the 
Broadcom HD accelerator PCI-E add-in.     For general computing, the 1366x768 
screen is a must for me, and that size is not common to find so much on the 
10.1" models.  The smaller screen with only 600 lines of  resolution are just 
not very usable for me personally.

Outside of that, they are all just about the same.  The keyboard layout and 
comfort with the typing should be a top deciding factor.  Make sure you get 
something with a 4-6 cell battery (skip 3 cell IMO).  And get the new 
generation Atom processors , not the original ones. The newer ones are more 
energy efficient, so better battery runtime.

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This is waaaaaay off topic, but I am curious what everyone's opinion is with 
regard to netbooks.

My wife wants one, and they all seem roughly similar between MSI, Acer, Lenovo 

or are such a commodity item nowadays the point that it really doesn't matter.

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