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  • Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 14:46:31 -0400

Have you looked at the local profiles and ica client on each of these two 
workstations?  First thing I would try is upgrading/reinstalling the ICA client 
and deleting the current user profiles.  You could test the possible profile 
issue by logging on as a different user on the two machines and try the 


>>> Bill.beckett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 08/04/04 01:01PM >>>
I looked but found nothing. I'll try different search criteria

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That's not an odd problem at all. However, it requires a little more
information to diagnose.
1. Are the disconnected users still logged into the server(s) when this
2. You say that they can move to another workstation and connect...can they
reconnect from the original workstation?
3. Is the "another workstation" on the same subnet as the affected
The traditional first tuning trick is to mess with ICA timeout and/or TCP
timeout settings. Increasing them makes disconnects happen later.
There should be TONS of previous posts in the archives on this subject.

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Subject: [THIN] Odd problem

Has anyone experienced this oddity? Running MF 1.8 on a W2K server, all
patches current. We have two workstations (running XP) that will try to
connect to a server dekstop via PN 8.0 and the connection will negotiate and
then all of a sudden disappear. No error message, just goes away. If the
same user moves to another workstation, they are able to connect.

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