[THIN] OT: install a print driver from a print server via script

  • From: Steve Snyder <kwajalein@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 20:25:10 +0100

I'm trying to figure out how to install a print driver directly from the
print server via script. kix, vbscript, rundll32 printui.dll - whatever

Basically, I'm migrating print servers and the new server has some new
(correct) share names and updated drivers. I've got a vbscript that can
remap the printers accounting for the name changes and reset the default
printer if need be, I can query the print server for the driver name
associated with the new queue, I can query the client's installed drivers
for that driver name, but every script sample that I've seen for actually
installing the driver is for installing it from an INF file which, of
course, doesn't exist in the \\print_server\print$ structure.

Why via a script you ask? Because it's likely that the printers that I'm
trying to install on clients (all Vista) won't already exist on them, hence
the users will get prompted for elevated privileges which they don't have.

Why not use GPO to set Vista to allow drivers installed from a trusted
server you ask? Because the imperial group that controls our AD has deemed
that to be a grave security risk.

Any ideas, samples, tidbits or other trivia will be welcome!

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