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  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:44:26 -0400

All I know is that hotbar caused EXTREME problems with our citrix
installation and did indeed add itself to the registry of every user.  We
now block the site. It also places stuff in the Office Common folder in
program files that must be deleted.
Attachments got very messed up because of it.

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Anyone seen this feature of Hotbar... installing itself?  Do you know if
there is a file extension I can block with Trend Scanmail or Interscan?

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An user has brought it to my attention that there are some users using a
software called hotbar, which can be found at www.hotbar.com
Evidently there are some people installing it to use with their Outlook.
When they send an email to a user that does not have the software installed,
it automatically installs on the system.
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