[THIN] Re: OT? WSH Logon Scripts

  • From: "Braebaum, Neil" <Neil.Braebaum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 15:55:24 +0100

As to why Kix is better for that sort of thing?

Well, as you asked - with WSH, to map a drive (as your code example points
out) you have to create an object for the wscript.network object, *then* use
a method to map the drive.

In Kix it'd just be two lines (as in your example your delete any prior
mappings first...)

use g: /delete
use g: "\\servername\share"

As to the group membership thing, your code doesn't actually do that, it
just enumerates all the member objects of the group  - no good if it's
inherited by being a member of another group.

In Kix, you'd just use the ingroup function.

Don't get me wrong, I write a fair amount of WSH /ADSI stuff - I just
believe in horses for courses.

You *can* do practically all the same things in WSH, that you can in Kix -
merely that for login type scripts, it's easier / more optimal to do it in
Kix. Especially when you consider reading / writing to the registry - that's
*very* limited in WSH, and you need to make use of WMI to make that anywhere
near decent - and *still* it's considerably more unwieldly for it than Kix.


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> Sent: 09 May 2003 15:43
> To: 'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
> Subject: [THIN] Re: OT? WSH Logon Scripts
> First why is Kix better?  
> Here is some sample code you can use.  
> Mapping a drive
> Set WSHNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
> WSHNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "G:", 0, -1 
> WSHNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "G:","\\ServerName\Share"
> Getting group membership
> strDomain = "Enter Domain Name Here"
> Set WSHNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
> strUser = WSHNetwork.UserName
> adsPath = "WinNT://" & strDomain & "/" & strUser
> set adsObj = GetObject(adsPath)
> For Each Prop In adsobj.groups
> Msgbox Prop.Name
> Next
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> From: Braebaum, Neil [mailto:Neil.Braebaum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 9:20 AM
> To: 'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
> Subject: [THIN] Re: OT? WSH Logon Scripts
> Just out of interest, why is it you wish to get away from 
> Kixtart - you've mentioned the WAN thing, is it the Kixtart 
> caching functionality that's causing issues, or have you 
> genuinely found performance differences in WAN environments 
> between the two scripting technologies?
> I honestly think, for much of login script activity, that 
> Kixtart can't be beat. And anyways, nearly always the best 
> choice is the tool you're most familiar with.
> Personally I use Kixtart, WSH / ADSI / vbscript, and normal 
> command files for various things - but I honestly think that 
> for login processing stuff, Kixtart is the optimal choice - 
> especially if you know it already.
> I would have thought you'll have plenty of opportuinity to 
> use and learn WSH / ADSI / WMI stuff, from lots of other 
> admin tasks you'll no doubt find.
> Neil
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> >Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 8:44 AM
> >To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >This may be a little OT, but I was wondering if anyone had some WSH
> >logon scripts they could send my way. I am currently using kixstart, 
> >but would like to migrate our scripts to VBScript & WSH to improve 
> >execution time across our WAN. If you have something that's 
> >not too too 
> >complex (I'm interested in mapping/deleting shares, checking group 
> >membership,
> >etc.) that you could share it would be greatly appreciated!

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