[THIN] Re: OT? WSH Logon Scripts

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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 09:51:30 +0100

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> I use Kix for login scripts in my environment, and it works 
> pretty well.  Like it has already been said for Kix; ease of 
> use and solid functionality make it a good tool for login 
> scripts.  The speed of execution for any scripting technology 
> will definitely depend on where the resource objects are 
> being pulled from (local machine/LAN/WAN).  For instance, if 
> you are at a remote site over a slow link and you 
> authenticate to a DC back in the main office, by default Kix 
> has to download the Kix32.exe and Kix32.dll into local memory 
> and then it must query the remote DC for any account or group 
> information.  (I do realize that you can copy these Kix 
> resource files to each local machine.)

Indeed - if you truly compare like for like, I suspect there's nothing in
it, performance wise.

> Let's say that you decided to use vbscript/ADSI for the login script. 
> The resource objects are native (local) to Win2k/XP computers 
> so the script, although probably a lot longer and much more 
> complex would execute faster,

I'm far from convinced of that.

For Win2k machines, if you had the executable locally, I suspect there's
nothing in it, performance wise - then all you've got to be concerned about
is script complexity, suitability, and existing knowledge.

> but would have to still query 
> the remote DC for account/group info.  The nice thing about 
> vbscripting is that you can load much of the information that 
> you would normally query a bunch of time in a couple 
> dictionary objects in the script.  This greatly increases 
> performance of the script.

Which Kix does by default.

> I use Kix mostly because speed is not usually a problem for 
> me, since I have DC's at my remote locations...so the 
> resource files are usually on the local LAN.  Personally, I 
> would write it with what you know best. 
> It will be cleaner and easier to troubleshoot.


The best scripting tool to use, is going to be down to suitability (inherent
traits of the language), and your personal knowledge levels.


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