[THIN] Re: OT: VMWare backups

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I use the cron and snapshot & Quiesce the VM, make an TSM (but you may
choose any other certified backup solution) backup of the frozen VMDK, then
the script executes its commit and the incremental changes are reappied to
the vmdk. it works 100% of times . It worked for ESX 2.5.x but occasionally
missed a backup, on VI3 it works 100% of times (for about 1.5 years). The
only drawback is that my TSM client (backupclient) does not
allow to have more then one session on my host. My backups are sequential
and have a certain hit on my host (as would any backup of a large file), I
have not a clue about other soutions, This one works fine and is


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I don't know if this is a dead topic (just now had a chance to read the
list) and I actually just went through this. I looked very carefully at
vRanger and Veeam. I ran both products and found Veeam to be much more
reliable (vRanger kept failing) and the Veeam product was cheaper, more
capable (much faster file level restores) and much easier to use interface. 

ESX 3.5 update 2 supports VSS with their VMware agent tools and can be
executed from vRanger or Veeam. Another key difference between vRanger and
Veeam is I schedule a shutdown of a VM and then backup it up for older
databases that don't support VSS. vRanger wouldn't snap the VM so that it
could then be started right back up. When using vRanger it locked the files
and the VM would fail to start unless the backup was finished. Veeam created
a snapshot and always backed up the snapshot if the VM was running or not. I
did hear from vRanger (who had very good technical support) that version 4
is going to be released in Q1 '08 will address most of the issues I had with
their product.


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so how are ya'll backing up your virtuals?

Right now we're backing up each virtual at their OS level, looking a vRanger
to do a back-end snapshot backup. Of course BUE 12.5 was just released which
is supposed to support vmware (and hyper-v) too.

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