[THIN] Re: OT: VBScript assistance needed

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  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 09:33:39 +0100

Is this a pure TS environment? If you've Ctx you could use MFCOM you could
do :-


For each asession in oMFServer.Sessions




Where oMFServer is an metaframecom.metaframeserver object for the current


Failing that you could always enumerate the sessions and run a logoff
command for each one. 


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trying to implement a logoff in vbscript, a la

set objOS -
getobject("winmgmts:{(Shutdown)}//.root/cimv2").execquery("select * from
win32_operatingsystem where primary=true")
for each objsys in objOS
  objsys.win32shutdown 0

 which works great on a 32bit windows system, not so great on a 64bit
windows system. Any ideas how to make this fly on 64bit?

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