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It depends on your corporate security policy and how much flexibility you need. 
 In our case, we wanted to allow specific "approved" USB devices, in particular 
a memory stick model which forces encryption of it's contents, but to ban any 
other device that users may bring in from home......We also have a large 
population of Windows 2000 Pro machines and I believe many of the GPO settings 
are XP specific?  

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LOL I know this, we do it all the time..I was just wondering why everyone is 
reccomending third party utilities  when you can do it via Group Policy.

Andy <andysideas> wrote:

Yes Jim you can disable running programs from usb 'device'.
It basically does everything you might expect.
Block people opening certain filetypes. e.g .exe mp3 etc. In our case we only 
want people to be able to read office files.
You can block saving to the device if you wish or allow only certain file types 
to be saved. Again stop people downloading MP3s at work and saving them into 
their usb 'devices'.

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Can't you just disable running programs and or USB devices via group policy?

"Hamilton, Ronnie" <: 

this looks good


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We spent some time looking at products to control USB  devices last year and 
found quite a few out there.  Some were very basic and simply disable USB 
ports, but if you need something more flexible DisknetPro looked very good, 
although not particularly cheap:- 
Beyond a corporate policy on USB devices we haven't actually implemented 
anything yet, but I reckon this will crop up again.
David Lee

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Hi , 
We have put out a number of fat clients lately and are concerned about users 
using the USB devices for non business related activity.
Is there any particular product that is being used or recommended. We intend to 
upgrade to PS 4 for XP shortly so something compatible if possible.
Ronnie Hamilton 

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