[THIN] OT - USB device crashes server

  • From: "LDeFoor" <citrix@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Thin" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 08:48:43 -0800

Good Day,

Microsoft can't seem to help me on this one so I thought I would ask the experts

I have a Windows 2000 SP4 / MF 1.8 box.  Dell hardware Power Edge 1400SC.
USB drive (Western Digitial 120 GB)

PROBLEM:  The server is up and running.  I plug the USB device directly into the
USB port on the server, NO HUBS involved.  The server recognizes the USB Device,
New Hardware Found window appears and it is loading USB Mass Storage, stays
there for about four seconds, then blue screens.

STOP  0x0000000a (0x00000004,0x000000ff,0x00000000,804a65oe)

Address 804a65oe base at 80400000, Datestamp 3ee65ob3  ntoskrnl.exe

M$ recommended removing the driver and re-installing it.  Did that.  They also
recommended sending them a dumb file, did that.  They responded with - well, we
really can't tell what it is.  "Sounds like the driver is trying to access
memory above 4 GB".  Well, server only has 1 GB of ram :)  "Oh"..

Now, get this recommendation:  Could you reformat the drives and re-install
everything to see if that fixes the problem.

Thanks for any input.

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