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Ten years or so ago, I worked for a company called FutureLink, which had
purchased most of the largest U.S. Citrix integrators in order to become
an Application Service Provider. This question reminds me of a project I
did for one of our customers who was going with the ASP model - a hosted
desktop in the FutureLink data center. This customer had the same
concern, so I configured his PC's with a dual-boot option - one for
FutureLink access, and the other for local desktop/network access. I
believe he was also replicating his data from FutureLink back to his own
location. I thought it was a bit paranoid at the time, but FutureLink
was bankrupt a month later. He must have smelled it coming; I wish I had
too. :)

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I have a slightly off-topic question. The company I work for has
developed (over a period of several decades of evolution) an in-house
application for managing our entire line of business. It is a
client-server system that uses an oracle database for the back-end.

After being asked for many years, we are now actively looking at
licensing to other companies in our industry that are in non-competing
locations. Since the software is tightly integrated into our database
structure, our method for doing this would be to host the application
and deliver it via Citrix just like we currently do for ourselves.

The projects that are managed with our system can take from months to
years to complete. One question we've been asked by prospective
licensees is about continued access to their data should we, for
unforeseen reasons, cease being in business.

It has been suggested to put the software in an escrow account.
However, the software is continually being refined and updated by our
development team. Additionally, it is useless without the back-end
database. Obviously that data changes daily too.

For those of you in software licensing via a hosted solution, how do
you address the question of "What happens to my data if you go out of
business?" or "How can I get my data if you go out of business?"

Thanks, Jan
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